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Triscar's Partnership Model

A few years ago, a company had to be of a certain critical mass before it had sufficient resources to develop robust, high performing applications which would survive acceptance in the financial marketplace. The current versions of professional software development tools, such as Microsoft's VB, VC++, C# and .NET, have made it possible for smaller companies to develop products and services that meet the demanding expectations of their customers.

Small companies indeed have an attraction to their clients because they can be more flexible than their larger competitors. The ability to introduce new functionality within rapid timescales and to quickly respond to customer requests for improvement provides them with a strength that often frustrates the larger software vendors.

So, where do smaller companies fall short? The answer lies in being able to distribute their new-found panacea to the marketplace. Conventional sales & marketing theory recognises that before the snowball effect can be achieved, there is a long period of incubation.

Triscar helps to reduce this incubation period because our professionals have long established contacts within the industry and a proven track-record of supplying investment banks, Hedge Funds and brokers with the products, tools and services they require.

Learn how you can become a Triscar partner or view a list of Triscar's current partners.

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