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B2N Ltd.
The MarketHub platform is capable of transporting vast amounts of market data, consisting mainly of price and trade information for financial instruments.  Using the OTS protocol and powerful low-latency compression algorithms, data is transmitted between applications and over networks with vastly improved performance.  Users can receive between 30,000 to over 500,000 updates per second, depending on their hardware configuration. 

The server module of MarketHub runs on Windows, Solaris and Linux thanks to its pure Java implementation.  Each server can handle over 2,000 client connections.  

The client module/library has a pure java implementation as well as other platform specific features such as COM and an Excel RTD adapter.  This allows client subscription to over 50,000 instruments.

MarketHub provides feed handlers for Bloomberg's B-Pipe Broadcast, B-Pipe On-Demand (BPOD), PATS, FIX, Sycom, RMDS, Tib, LBM, and direct exchange feeds. 

MarketHub provides data access from within Excel spreadsheets and libraries for VB, VBA, C#, Java and C/C++.


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