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B2N Introduces XL Contributor to Bloomberg’s BPIPE/BPOD Feeds
London, UK and Cambridge, MA, June, 9, 2007 - B2N today announced that its flagship product, MarketHub, now incorporates publishing from Microsoft Excel.  This new feature, in combination with B2N’s Platinum Level Authorised B-Pipe feed handler, enables an easy to use contribution of additional internal data into Bloomberg’s B-Pipe Broadcast and B-Pipe On-Demand feeds.

Either the original BPOD/BPIPE feed, or the new feed consisting of custom contributed data merged with BPOD/BPIPE data, can be accessed via MarketHub client applications (e.g. Excel Adapter, MHPanel, custom built applications using MarketHub API’s etc.) in addition to third party platforms (e.g. Reuters Market Data System (RMDS)).

“B2N is committed to a programme of continuous improvement; part of which is the on-going development of new MarketHub tools and components.”, commented Vasko Tomanov, B2N’s CEO.  “I strongly believe that this new asset in the MarketHub environment gives our customers the long desired opportunity to contribute proprietary data to already existing feeds and to exchange data internally in a straightforward and easy to use manner.”

With a local presence in UK and US, B2N delivers to its customers the MarketHub platform, transporting vast amounts of low latency financial market data.  The new Microsoft Excel Add-In is B2N’s response to the constantly changing financial environment.

For more information, visit: www.b2net.net

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