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B2N Releases High-Performance Tick History Logger
London, UK and Cambridge, MA, August, 6, 2007 - B2N today announced that B2N’s flagship platform MarketHub now incorporates a highperformance real-time tick history recorder, MHLogger.  This latest MarketHub component stores vast amounts of real-time data in any userspecified storage system with a JDBC interface – from flat files and in-memory databases to the standard RDBMS solutions such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SYBASE, etc.

“MHLogger has arrived at a very appropriate time for the market.”, commented Alec Baughan, B2N’s VP Sales EMEA, “Originally developed as part of a bespoke solution for one of our clients, it is now available to all.  Any data feed which is available in MarketHub, such as Bloomberg’s BPIPE/BPOD feed, can be stored to database using this new functionality.  We see customers with asset control and asset management analytic tools clearly benefiting from this new MarketHub component”.

With a local presence in UK, Europe and USA, B2N delivers to its customers the MarketHub platform, transporting vast amounts of low latency financial market data.  Unique Zero-Latency technology dramatically increases the throughput of the platform.  MarketHub tools assist in the development of in-house solutions on various platforms and programming languages.

For more information, visit: www.b2net.net

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