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B2N Platinum Authorised by Bloomberg
London, UK and Cambridge, MA, June, 6, 2007 - B2N today announced that B2Ns feed handler for the Bloomberg B-Pipe high speed data feed has been awarded Platinum authorization. Customers can now benefit from this full-featured high-performance feed handler as well as accessing B-Pipe data from the already existing applications based on MarketHub, B2Ns flagship product. Also benefiting will be Reuters Market Data System (RMDS) users thanks to the gateway from MarketHub to RMDS.

Following eight months of intensive development B2N's high-performance feed handler was introduced to the market in December 2006. Bloomberg has since granted B2N Platinum authorization, reflecting that the handler fulfilled the highest standards required for a full featured BPipe feed handler.

B-Pipe is a consolidated real-time, high-volume market data feed for enterprise use. B-Pipe leverages Bloomberg's existing infrastructure to offer unsurpassed functionality and data coverage. B-Pipe delivers every quote and every trade from over 200 Global Exchanges and 500 Contributors, as well as Bloomberg-proprietary data.

MarketHub is a cutting edge data delivery infrastructure. It employs the features of multiplatform high frequency market data distribution for the tracking and publishing of financial data. Using state-of-theart technology, it offers end-to-end solutions for investment professionals.

It was a challenge for our team to develop and meet the high standards required for B-Pipe in the desired short time interval. commented Vasko Tomanov, B2Ns Director. In this task we have done our best and have provided the market with a high-end technology solution. Our belief is that the market needs a constant influx of new technology to handle the fast growing volume of financial data generated every second."

With a local presence in UK and US, B2N delivers to its customers the MarketHub platform, transporting vast amounts of data from financial markets with a sub-millisecond latency. B2N is responding to this dynamically changing environment with new approaches, including the utilization of its high performance OTS protocol. B2N APIs supply customers with tools to develop in-house solutions on various platforms and programming languages. For more information, visit: www.b2net.net

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