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B2N Extends MarketHub Data Delivery Platform with Deferred Data Module
London, UK, Cambridge, MA, and HK, 6 January, 2011 – B2N Ltd - an innovator in providing real-time market data technologies today announced the release of MHDefer; the latest addition to MarketHub - B2N’s cutting edge data delivery platform.

In a bid to improve the use of data, MHDefer responds to clients’ demands to make optimal use of data from Exchanges, Index Vendors and MTF/ATS venues while minimizing the cost of data delivery.

“The ability to choose between streaming delayed and real-time data, based on usage type, adds the necessary flexibility for delivering data which leads to improved cost effectiveness.” says Vasko Tomanov from B2N. “Using the new module MarketHub now provides our customers, both large and small, with a better tailored data stream for the exact purposes of each member of staff.  We expect that clients will be able to achieve savings of 10% or more on their total Exchange Fee costs.”

The new extension to MarketHub gives some subscribers a real-time data stream, while others within the organization receive streaming delayed data depending on their specific needs.  The delay and update intervals are configurable according to the requirements of each exchange product taking advantage of free or reduced access fees applicable for delayed data depending on a defined delay period according to the rules of the exchange.

With a local presence in UK/Europe, HK and US, B2N delivers its flagship product MarketHub, a cutting edge data delivery infrastructure.  It employs the features of multiplatform high frequency market data distribution for tracking and publishing financial data.  Using state-of-the-art technology, B2N offers end-to-end solutions for investment professionals.

For more information, visit: www.b2net.net

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