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B2N Bridges The Gap Between Feed Handlers & Subscribers
London, UK, Cambridge, MA and HK, 25, October, 2010 - B2N Ltd - an innovator in providing real-time market data technologies today announced the release of their new lease application, MHLeaseProxy.  The technology being yet another addition to the B2N real-time data platform, MarketHub.

“The new module optimizes the data traffic generated with frequent open/close subscriptions of large quantities of instruments.” – commented Vasko Tomanov – from B2N, “Adding this lightweight and self learning element significantly increases performance and keeps latency at extremely low levels – even in heavily loaded systems.”

MHLeaseProxy acts as a bridge between standard Feed Handlers and client subscribers.  When clients subscribe to instruments all subscriptions are executed without delay, then the instruments remain open (for a predetermined period) even after records are closed by clients.  In this way when client applications re-request instruments before the lease time has elapsed, the images and the following updates come from MHLeaseProxy.

The ability to streamline requests for data to market data feed services in this way generates potentially large cost savings, and also helps to limit network traffic - especially when requesting data for very large lists of instruments.

For more information, visit: www.b2net.net
UK:      Phone: +44 20 7617 7611
US:      Phone: +1 (617) 934-0387
Email: support@b2net.net

With a local presence in UK/Europe, HK and US, B2N delivers MarketHub – the market data platform with stateof- the-art real-time data APIs designed to lead the market in financial data throughput and extreme low latency technologies.  B2N provides tools for the rapid development of in-house solutions on various platforms and programming languages.

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