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B2N’s New SBM Optimizes Your Exchange Fees
London, UK, Cambridge, MA, HK, 3rd NOV, 2010 – B2N LTD. is delighted to announce that B2N customers can now benefit from greater flexibility in accessing exchange traded data and reduced exchange fees – thanks to B2N’s Session Based Management (SBM). Part of the MarketHub Enterprise service, SBM dynamically modifies access restrictions for viewing real-time exchange data.

No longer are traders and financial analysts restricted to accessing real-time data at a single location.  Nor are they required to pay multiple exchange fees to access data on their mobile device when away from the desktop.  “Most exchanges exclude simultaneous access to their data on multiple devices, even for the same person.” said Alec Baughan, VP Sales, EMEA. “With the proliferation over recent months of smartphones capable of handling such data, people have been forced to pay extra exchange fees or not take advantage of the full functionality of their phones.”

Now with B2N’s SBM everyone can make use of real-time exchange data on multiple workstations and devices – and only be required to pay single exchange fees.  SBM guarantees that access to exchange data is active for each user account in one position, trading station or device, at any given time.  This maximizes the value delivered to all users for their exchange fee subscriptions from their desks, hot-desks, homes, smartphones etc.

Users access real-time exchange data from any of their devices.  SBM dynamically routes exchange data to the latest subscription requests from users’ devices or workstations.  Other devices attributed to the users’ accounts cease displaying data from the routed exchanges.  When the new devices stop requesting data SBM automatically re-routes exchange feeds to the original subscribing screens or software.

For more information, visit: www.b2net.net

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